Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Season's Greetings



    This letter will be much like last year's letter.  Since I have pretty
    much achieved the life I want, as long as there are no glitches, it
    continues to be terrific.  The apartment continues to be wonderful.  
    The west side is perfect -- close to everything or nearly so.  My tiny
    terrace garden continues to be fun, although I have given up on
    annuals.  I have lost a total of six clematis in four years, so (sob)
    no more.  And again I walked 1000 miles this year.

    My trips this year were excellent.  In April I repeated the Burgundy,
    Franche Comte and Geneva trip that I had so loved in 2014.  If it is
    good, why not repeat it, so I did.  It was just as much fun and the
    food was excellent for the most part.  Trois Gros continued as the
    standout restaurant in that area.  Also the much smaller and more
    remote Jeunet in Arbois was worth a journey.  

    That trip ended in Geneva, and I flew immediately to Munich where
    I had not been since the mid 1970's.  Much to see.  The trip
    continued to Prague and ended in Dresden.  Dresden was
    especially good since I got to see my cousin and godchild who has
    lived in Europe for most of his career.  So I have to schedule a trip
    to see him.

    In May I was in Paris and Brittany.  In September I visited friends in
    Zurich before taking a Basel, Alsace, Luxembourg trip.  And finally
    in October I explored the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies -- Palermo,
    Naples and Sorrento.      

    My annual trip to the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown was
    full of good music.  I continued on to visit friends in Niagara on the
    Lake.  There was theater, food and wine.  I have been touting
    Niagara wines for many years now, and the Wine Spectator finally
    heard me.  The latest issue actually had an article on those wines.   

    In New York opera has been quite good.  Just saw an
    excellent Lulu and a Tannhauser (James Levine in the pit).  Other
    standouts were Blue Beard's Castle and Written on Skin, a new
    opera set in the 12th Century.  

    At Carnegie Hall perhaps the outstanding recital was Diana
    Damrau  just a few weeks ago.  And the Met Orchestra
    performance there with Levine conducting and Bronfman playing
    the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 was a highlight.  

    At the theater I enjoyed the King and I, The Audience with Helen
    Mirren and Charles III (the play begins after QE II dies).

    I even had some movie "likes" this year -- Inside Out,  The Big
    Short and a biopic of Peggy Guggenheim.   

    Best wishes for good health and joy to all,


    P.S. I kept the page with pix of the wonderful sites
    that will be extremely difficult to visit again, since the turmoil
    continues and many of the sites have been defaced or